KINO DER TOTEN REMAKE - PANZER SOLDAT Call of Duty Zombies Custom Map Gameplay




Gorod Krovi new BO3 DLC3 Descent zombie map trailer was todays big news! Another big news is that Sliquifier seems to be the new best gun against Panzer Soldat! :D Checking out new remaster update of Kino: The Rebirth CoD custom zombie map. Click to Subscribe! Relaxing Merch Previous videos: Easter egg ending Solo run Livestream: Second Channel: Twitter: Facebook: Map created by Smasher248 More info about Kino: The Rebirth,8435.0.html Direct download link (V4)!VYFXWDRT!6_hzYPWmkwiI9Ihnzx6oX8GrJMC8IEHud6GXc0jgxbQ